Justine McCluskey, President

Chris Duffy

Chris Duffy, Secretary

Dovydas Kuliešas

Dovydas Kuliešas, Vice President

Abby Hastings

Dovydas was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania and got interested in Scottish culture and history by sheer accident at a fairly young age, and Scottish politics, along with Scottish independence.  He followed the 2014 referendum campaign virtually from the moment it was announced to its conclusion and got involved in GUSNA when I came to study here at Glasgow a year later.

He is a final year student. Interested in history (which he studiest), politics (which he also studies), gaming (which he doesn't study), fantasy literature, writing, rock music and language learning. He is fluent in Lithuanian, English and Russian, learning Scottish Gaelic.

Abby Hastings, Equalities Officer

Originally from Dundee, Chris has been based in Glasgow since 2013, having come to study physics and astrnomy. He first became actively involed in the Scottish Indendence Referendum Campaign then after being a long time supporter, and joining the SNP not long after the vote. Since then, Chris has been active throughout the party having campaigning across the city, and most notably in the Student and Youth wings, where he also sits on the Glasgow Youth Regional Executive. 

Since joining the GUSNA executive in 2016, Chris has overseen major constituional reform, with a view to increasing participation and the representation of women. Chris was also heavily involved in the successful election of Aamer Anwar as Rector of the University of Glasgow, the GUSNA backed candidate. He is currently studying for an MSc in astrophysics having recently completing his honours degree.

His interests include Eurovision, film, current affairs and technology.

Nico Matrecanno, Treasurer

John Cumming, Organiser

Nico Matrecano
John Cumming
Justine McCluskey

Justine, originally from Dundee, recently completed her law degree at the University of Glasgow and is currently undertaking her diploma in professional legal practice at the University. She joined GUSNA at the beginning of her first year and, after acting as secretary, treasurer and Vice President, she was elected president in November 2016- a position she has held ever since.

John is 18 years old and recently left school to begin studying at Glasgow University. He first campaigned with the SNP at the age of 12. Having joined the party at age 15, after the independence referendum, John became an active member of the Glasgow Kelvin Branch. He was elected as youth officer soon after he became a branch member. John is also the Convener of YSI Glasgow and the Youth Officer on the Glasgow Regional Association of the SNP.