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Fighting for Scottish Indepdence since 1927

GUSNA protesting at the conservative party conference in Perth 1981

Glasgow Univeristy Scottish Nationalist Association, known to many as GUSNA, is a society for students at the University of Glasgow who believe in Scottish independence. We meet every fortnight during university terms and hold numerous events throughout the year. You can find out more about us and the events that we hold througout the year.

GUSNA is a member of SNP Students, the student wing of the SNP which campaigns on issues important to students accross the country and has been where many of the leading lights of the independence movement has found their feet.

Fighting for Social Democracy since 1927

GUSNA members protesting the Westminster Power Grab in Glasgow 2018

"I might not even be First Minister today if I hadn't joined GUSNA all those years ago"

Nicola Sturgeon - First Minister and Former GUSNA Member

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