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About Us

GUSNA was founded in 1927 and predates the SNP, it is the oldest pro-independence orangisation in Scotland today. GUSNA has played an important and prominant role in the rise of the pro-independence movement with early members such a John MacCormick going on to be involved in the foundation of the SNP.
In 1950 Ian Hamilton, then GUSNA Vice President, along with Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson and Alan Stuart broke into Westminster Abbey on Christmas Night and liberated the Stone of Destiny bringing it back to Scotland for the first time since it was stolen more than 750 years prevously.

Later members have included Winnie Ewing and Nicola Sturgeon and GUSNA can boast that the majority of the current Scottish Cabinet are former GUSNA members.

GUSNA in dates


GUSNA is founded

John MacCormick, future rector of the Unviersity of Glasgow, founds GUSNA after leaving the Glasgow University Labour Club to promote home rule for Scotland


SNP is founded

Former GUSNA members, including MacCormick, are instrumental in the foundation of the SNP through a merger of the Scottish Party and the National Party of Scotland, the latter owing it's existance to the activities of GUSNA


Stone of Destiny Repatriated

On Christmas night of 1950, 4 students of the University of Glasgow, break into Westminster Abbey and return the Stone of Destiny to Scotland. This historic act was immortalised in the 2008 film "The Stone of Destiny"


Nicola Sturgeon joins GUSNA

The future first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon joins GUSNA while studying for a law degree at the University of Glasgow


GUSNA celebrates 90 years

In 2017, GUSNA brought together members past and present, including Derek Mackay and Nicola Sturgeon, to celebrate GUSNA's contribution to the ever closer goal of independence for Scotland

Today GUSNA is involved in both local and national campaigning from local and general elections to the Living Rent Campaign. Not to mention being vocally involved in the 2014 Independence Referendum. Most recently GUSNA sucessfully nominated human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar as rector of the University of Glasgow, with Chris Duffy the current secretary acting as campaign manger, and many other GUSNA members enthusiastically working to elect a strong voice for the students.
We meet every second Monday during term time at the Old School House on Woodlands road. Details of our next meeting can be found on our twitter and Facebook pages.

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