2016-17 Exec Photo

The 2016-17 Executive Commitee

Justine McCluskey, President


Beth Malcom, Vice President


Chris Duffy, Secretary


Chris McFadyen, Treasurer


Dovydas Kuliesas, Campaigns Officer


Born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. Got interested in Scottish culture and history by sheer accident at a fairly young age, and Scottish politics, along with Scottish independence, wasn't too big a leap to make when I got old enough to comprehend any of it. Followed the 2014 referendum campaign virtually from the moment it was announced to its conclusion; got involved in GUSNA when I came to study here at Glasgow a year later.

Second year student. Interested in history (which I study), politics (which I also study), gaming (which I unfortunately don't study), fantasy literature, writing, rock music and language learning. Fluent in Lithuanian, English and Russian, learning Scottish Gaelic.

Still not sure how I got onto the exec.

Lorna Young, Equalities Officer