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Freshers Week 2018

Even bigger than before, we were out at Freshers Week with a packed calander of events, meeting plenty of new people and members


Our first outing the year was during freshers week during the clubs and socities fair on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th of September. We met plenty of new (and not so new) students there keen to join us and get invovled!

The first of our women's socials this year was held during freshers week in the Queen Margaret Union. It was a celebration of influential women accross all walks of life from around the world, not just poltics or in Scotland. It was a great opportunity for the women of GUSNA to get together as well as allowing those who don't normally get to take part in events to reach out and join in.


Finishing off the week was our famous annual subcrawl, starting just after our first meeting of the year in the Old School House we visited some of the best pubs in Glasgow ending in our old favourite Oran Mòr. The night was, as always a massive hit with members old and new and was a great chance to meet new people. There was even a free T-shirt for people to add to their growing collections.

Next up this year is our annual Christmas dinner, it's a fun night where we can all get a little bit dressed up and let our hair down at the end of the semester, before the dreaded exams...
It's always a great night where for once we aren't talking politics, well at least not until after the first mulled wine! 


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